My name is Lex Kampen and at the start of 2021 I started “My First Dungeon”. This website on which I stared blogging about Dungeons & Dragons and sharing my home-made D&D fanfiction one-shots. The first one-shot I made was set in the world of Harry Potter. It included printable illustrations of miniatures of the PC’s and monsters, battle-maps, a map of the Hogwarts school grounds and a full adventure in which players could play as any D&D magic-user class to participate in a camp and go through trials to earn a place at Hogwarts. You can check it out for free here.

Since then I added a lot to the webshop. I now have one-shots set in de worlds of Pokémon, Hunger Games and Avatar the last Airbender and 3 Harry Potter one-shots. On my website I also offer the printable dicetowers and battlemaps that I made. Visit the webshop if you want to check those out.

I would love to keep making products like these but at the moment I am far from being able to make a living with it. It would mean a lot to me to gain some support from the community and it would free me up to make more awesome products to share with you. That is why I also started a Patreon account. People can support me there in exchange for D&D rewards. You can read more about it on this Patreon page or by visiting my account on Patreon.

If you have any tips or questions, you can leave them down below and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.