Harry Potter 2 - The Sorting Hat

In the first Harry Potter One-Shot the PC’s had quite the adventure. To get into Hogwarts they were invited to join an Application Camp in which they were tested as a team to show than you were the right fit. They had to outsmart a Troll, defeat a Unicorn with a mind-altering crystal and solve a misty puzzle. Before they could give the last test a try the camp counceler and two applicants were taken by an Acromantula colony. Luckily the heroic players came to the rescue, everybody got home safely and they all secured a spot at Hogwarts.

Are you ready to follow that up and finally enter the hallowed Hogwarts castle? Well you might be in for a nasty surprise.. In this second One-Shot the players arrive, but something tragic has happened. Can they solve the mystery so the school year can finally begin?

Head to the shop to start this adventure now. This second Harry Potter D&D one shot includes printable documents of:
– An easy access, print ready version of this Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons one-shot
– 13 designs of the playable races
– 3 designs of the creatures in this adventure
– 4 designs of the NPC’s in this adventure
– A battle map (both print-ready and digital for online play)
– 7 Quick start character sheets
– 8 Quick start character backgrounds

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