My First Dungeon on Patreon
My First Dungeon on Patreon

Since I started this website I created a lot of projects and blogs. I now have one-shots set in de worlds of Pokémon, Hunger Games and Avatar the last Airbender and 3 Harry Potter one-shots. Besides those there are also printable dicetowers and battlemaps available in the webshop, but I am far from done. If I would have the free-time I would expand it even further and keep working on projects to bring your favourite worlds and that of Dungeons and Dragons together, but at the moment I am far from being able to make a living with it. It would mean a lot to me to gain some support from the community and it would free me up to make more awesome products to share with you. That is why I started a Patreon account. There people can support me in exchange for D&D rewards.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform on which starting creators and their (future) fans can get together. Creator (like writers, painters and singers) can share not only their new art, but also anything that happens behind-the-scene’s, their works-in-progress and some projects that they exclusive share on there. You can get all of that by helping those creators with a small, monthly donation. That way you support their work, get an exclusive peek behind the curtain and extra content of those creators you love and the creator earn a little money with which they can keep pursuing their dreams.

What do I offer on Patreon?

At the moment I have three monthly tiers available on Patreon, each with their own costs and benefits.

Local hero

At the lowest tier for €3,- you will be the first to know about updates, new projects and D&D blogs that can help you in your games. That way I hope to help you in your D&D games at only the cost of a cup of coffee a month.

Hero of the Realm

After that is the middle tier €7,50. In addition to the previous rewards you get access to monthly D&D generators to fill your worlds with and you get to decide which projects I spend my time on.

Master of the World

If your really want to go all out in you support I also have this third tier for €20,-. Added to everything else you get a 15% discount on everything, but most of all you gain my eternal gratitude. You make it possible for me to live my dream and spend my time doing what I love.

You can read further about each of these tiers and see what I already have available on my page for my Patrons by visiting my Patreon page.

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Avatar Harry Potter Pokémon
Images of the Avatar, Harry Potter and Pokémon one shot