Coming soon: Alice D&D 2 – Wonderland in Darkness

Alice - Wonderland in Darkness DnD - Coming Soon

The first Alice in Wonderland one-shot is live now! You can enter the magical world and explore it for yourself along with your friends. But the magic won’t end there. There is more coming! In “Welcome to Wonderland” you and your friends entered Wonderland like Alice once did and save the day. It has been […]

Alice in Wonderland D&D One-Shot <em>(Preview) – Welcome to Wonderland</em>

Alice in Wonderland DnD adventure

Introduction The Alice in Wonderland book came out about 160 years ago in 1865 and is now one of the best-known works of literature because of it’s fantastic, impossible, yet gripping story that makes you feel like that mad world might actually be real. Too bad you can’t be there, but have to endure another […]

How I made Pokémon D&D <em>Making D&D Fanfiction part 2</em>

Pokemon ball and 12-sided dice combination

After discovering how to use D&D mechanics to make a Harry Potter one-shot I followed that up by building the mechanics for Pokémon D&D. Firstly because I spent a lot of time in that world dating all the way back to Pokémon Blue. I played that game over and over again on my GameBoy Advanced […]

How I made Harry Potter D&D <em>Making D&D Fanfiction part 1</em>

A d20 dice combined with Harry Potter's Golden Snitch

A few years ago I started my Dungeons and Dragons journey. Once I got the hang of stepping into the shoes of a hero in a pre-written world of magic and monsters I started wondering if I could also use it to finally go to other worlds like I had always dreamed of. I remember […]

Harry Potter one shot 2 – The Sorting Hat

Harry Potter 2 - The Sorting Hat

In the first Harry Potter One-Shot the PC’s had quite the adventure. To get into Hogwarts they were invited to join an Application Camp in which they were tested as a team to show than you were the right fit. They had to outsmart a Troll, defeat a Unicorn with a mind-altering crystal and solve […]

Harry Potter one-shot 3 – The next Marauders

Harry Potter 3 - The next Marauders

First the PC’s earned their place in Hogwarts. Then in the second D&D one-shot the players arrive at school, only to find that the Sorting Hat was destroyed. As Honorary Prefects the PC’s jumped on the case. After finding clue after clue they solved the mystery and saved the day. That meant that finally they […]