D&D Trap Generator


When your D&D party goes dungeon delving some combat is expected, but when it is fight after fight after fight until the evil is defeated and treasure can be claimed in the last chamber it gets really dull really fast. To break up this monotony you can add riddles, evoke interaction with NPC’s or throw […]

NPC Generator

NPC farmer with pitchfork

When your world is laid out and the quests are good to go you are still left with a kingdom that feels empty. Sure, you probably filled it with some essential NPC’s and faceless masses, but when the players ask about if there are fun characters to talk to or people with interesting background there […]

Magic Item Generator

Glowing sword

The party has finally defeated the evil that has taken over the tomb and his Goblin minions. “It better be worth it!” the Fighter grunts. They gather around the chest as the Rogue carefully opens it and finds… What do they find? Just some gold coins and another +1 weapon? Come on! Get creative with […]

Plot Hook Generator

Gnome reading out plot hook

You have your main quest laid out for your players, but you don’t want it to be the only thing they can do in this rich D&D world. Maybe they need some more EXP, more gold or just some light-hearted adventures before they continue on to defeat the great evil from destroying this world. So […]

Random Encounter Generator

Goblin and Griffon

All the players need to do is roll up a Character Sheet and they are ready to play some Dungeons and Dragons. But as the Dungeon Master you are tasked with building a whole world and inhabiting it with creative stuff for your players to encounter. One way to create combat encounters is rolling for […]