Getting into character

DnD PulpFiction

For each character you make you want it to be fun to play and unique. But how do you do that and not just make them a slightly gruffer or more chaotic version of yourself? Here are some easy characteristics and mannerisms to really make them stand out. Finding the character’s voice It might be […]

5 more underused normal items

Items for writing - Ink and quill on a book

Near the end of your adventures you and your compatriots have aquired some epic power and loot that no creature besides a god can hope to stand against. But even then you can make a great use out of the basics. Flip to the ‘Adventuring Gear’ page of the PHB and you can find some […]

PC idea: Tasha Servius <em>PC of the month (Paladin)</em>

Paladin in front of sunset

While double-checking Tasha’s service records before promoting her to General of the city guard it was discovered that she had skipped her two years of serving her community. Although this seems like a minor issue, seeing that she aced her mental and physical tests and evaluations, the Sergeant major refused her promotion. Maybe because she […]

PC idea: Diabelle Aries <em>PC of the month (Tiefling Bard)</em>

Diabelle Aries Tiefling Bard

In her youth Diabelle has faced many hard times. She discovered what it is like being prejudiced and ridiculed for her demon-like appearance as a tiefling. She was born in a religious and superstitious village from a human mother that died during childbirth and without a father in sight. While the mother was disposed of […]

Reactions <em>Get the most out of your actions</em>

Blocking attack as reaction

Properly using of all your action types can be a great challenge and can really boost your party’s defence, damage output or battlefield control. Just as long as you know how to properly use them. During combat each creature on the battlefield gets one reaction per round and can use it when specific conditions are […]

PC idea: Aela Clearbranch <em>PC of the month (Ranger Beast Master)</em>

Wood Elf Ranger in forest

Aela Clearbranch is a middle aged Wood Elf. She has lived her whole life in a tribe deep in the woods of Aeltendar. There she has raised two beautiful and passionate sons. Her two children had recently left their tribe in search of their own adventures. To her tribe, Aela was an important addition. Thanks […]

PC idea: Fabian Miri Lockheard <em>PC of the month (Rogue Thief)</em>

Miri grew up on a farm where she had a good life, but she never felt complete. She never felt home in a girls body, especially when puberty kicked in. Although her family didn’t quite understand her situation they did support her when she told them she would head for the city for a sex-change. […]

PC idea: Luxian Ombraleaf <em>PC of the month (Shadow Monk/Light Cleric)</em>

Shadow Monk Light Cleric

Luxian Ombraleaf was born and raised in the Monastery of Twilight where Light Domain Clerics and Way of Shadows Monks are trained as a Ying and a Yang. Two opposing approaches that together create a better and balanced world. Once a Twilight acolyte has been trained they go out into the world to either bring […]