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Do you want to start playing Dungeons & Dragons and you don’t know what you need to do so? Or are you perhaps looking for that perfect gift for you nerdy D&D playing friend? I have got your back. Check the list below and you are sure to succeed!

D&D basics

There is a lot of D&D stuff available, but what are the basic essentials if you want to start? It depends on how far you want to take it. If you want to try it out without spending too much you can get straight into the game by buying the “Starter set” or “Essentials Kit”. Both are standalone adventures with all the rules and everything you need included. If you are joining an other Dungeon Masters game, all you need is the “Player’s Handbook” and some dice.

Starter set

This set has everything to get started. A set of dice, an adventure you can plan, 5 pre-made characters and the rules you need to start this epic adventure.

Essentials Kit

This variation on the Start set is a little bit more extensive. It has everything you need to play this adventure, but also has 81 cards about item and NPC’s, a poster map and a DM screen.

Player’s Handbook

when joining a D&D group there is only one essential you need. This handbook walks you through the making of your epic character and what happens at each level-up.

Dungeon master basics

As the dungeon master, it is your job to create the world for your characters to interact with. To do that, the bare minimum you need are the following:

D&D Core Rulebooks

There are a ton of optional books for Dungeons & Dragons, but there are only three needed to play the game. These three books are bundled along with a DM screen so you can start for real.

A nice dice set

As the Dungeon Master you are going to roll a lot of dice. Personally I like these. Metal dice with a proper heft to them. Just be careful you don’t step on the D4!

Map tiles

Although not essential, these tiles make your life as a DM a whole lot easier. Whether you are mapping out a dungeon or want to keep track where everyone is during a fight.

Gift ideas

After you’ve got everything to simply start playing, there are still a lot of things to make your D&D adventures easier, cooler and simply more fun.

Magic item cards

Awesome dice bag

Dice sets

Status markers

Druid spell cards

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything

Cleric spell cards

Molds to make your own dice

Monster cards – Level 0-5

Fan fiction D&D one-shots

Are you ready to play some D&D, and do you want to further explore fantasy worlds like that of Harry Potter, Pokémon, Hunger Games or Avatar? Try out these free one-shots!

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