Dwarven nametag

During adventures your players might ask for the names of faraway towns and cities or of some random stranger they meet on the streets. As the Dungeon Master you can’t have EVERYTHING in the world all fleshed out, so it might come in handy to have a little cheat-sheet from which you can take these names. Don’t worry, I got your back!

For easy custom location names you can combine any of the following words. This gives you as the Dungeon Master a simpler way of filling your world and giving it color.

Gold(en) Haven
Hope Valley
Stone Port
Hammer Dale
“Color” Farm
Heart Clearing
Sun(ny) Stream
Moon Point
Arrow Isle
“Tree type” Meadow
Silver Ward
Dark/Light Woods
Black/White Falls
Crown Mere
Hollow Shire
“Animal” Ville
Sleek City
“Season” Forest
Vale Hollow
Claw Bay
“Flower type” Burg
High/Low State
New/Old Side
Storm Mountain
Kings Hill
“Emotion” County

You can print out the following list of first names so you always have some fantasy names handy when you need them. Don’t forget to jot them down for future reference!

Ari Acturo Asof Amafrey Aqaul
Balne Brenth Bip Bleska Blassa
Chanil Canor Chou C’htala Celana
De’nil Deuval Denna Dramn Dawara
Eikha Endi Evala Eoin Equil
Fredil Fizal Flam Fozz Fillea
Garho Gin Galad Grum Goqop
H’ram Hest Harinx Hunrick Hegin
Illia Ingram Iesbral Illern Irracqu
J’qwell Jazza Jestil Jhala Jillam
Kreti Ku Kwer’ti Kandra Korro
Leilafa Lendal Lipwa Laviq Lyrar
Maldur Millo Moulho Mirdo Murn
Nomi Narn Nathar N’ornn Nillif
Ou’di Oara Otdam Oruka Okilea
Pazzi Prin Pendil Padmar Pi’ir
Quaz Q’wint Qrann Qwilla Qrorram
Roua Riqi Raz Ruisa Regah
Secka Sallec Sterdam Sillida Slarv
Tovu Thala Tandra Toilva Treq
Ulra Undor Uzza Urme’er Uptaq
Vraq Vinra Vo’em Vulqa Vrir
Windor Wenab Woutek Wirary Wyna
Xal X’ven Xanar Xivalla Xomony
Yvex Yndra Ylliat Yngray Y’ee
Zed Zildra Zanath Zoll Ziqra

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