Illusion bomb
Illusion bomb

Fighting styles can be a lifesaver and a fireball can be game-changer, but no feat, spell or ability is a powerful in the game of Dungeons & Dragons as Minor Illusion. This cantrip is available to multiple (sub)classes or races or when you pick certain feats and it is a must-have! As with many other spells in DnD the limit is only your imagination. Need some inspiration? Why not create any of the following during your next session:

  • The decapitated head of their leader
  • A crate of lit dynamite
  • The king’s crown
  • The voice of their leader surrendering
  • A venomous snake, ready to strike
  • A heavy lock on an unlocked door
  • Large spikes blocking the path
  • The sound of an explosion
  • A delicious meal
  • A ball of fire, ready to be thrown
  • An extra ally standing behind you
  • A crate around you as a hiding place
  • All of these options are possible when the only restrictions are the range of 30 feet, a duration of 1 minute, some Somatic components and a bit of fleece. You have to then choose to create either a sound or an image no larger then a 5-foot cube. It’s still an Illusion though so the object can’t be interacted with and on a succesfull Investigation check the illusion becomes faint. But until then you can still have a lot of fun with it. Enjoy!

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