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Magic is a powerful component in the world of Dungeons&Dragons. You can blow up your enemies, heal your friends and conjure allies to your aid. To have some semblance of sorting and balancing out these spells D&D divides them up into 8 “Schools” of magic. As a magic user you can choose amongst those (based on your choice of class(es)) and either specialise or have a broad range of abilities. Your choice will heavily influence your role in the group. The Schools of magic are the following:

Abjuration – Protection magic

Always good to have a few of these on hand. Use abjuration spells to protect yourself or the front-line fighter. Especially useful when you have to escort or protect someone important/weaker than you.

Conjuration – Creation magic

Need some extra help or power? Use Conjuration to create weapons or creatures to help you in battle. DnD is very much a numbers game so more allies fighting by your side will definitely tilt the odds in your favor.

Divination – Insight magic

Whether you go into meditation or look into a crystal ball, knowing what lies ahead can save you a lot of trouble. While most spells are used during battle, revealing traps and illusions will make sure that you won’t die outside of it.

Enchantment – Mind altering magic

Attacking the minds of your enemies and strengthening that of your allies helps a lot, but Enchanting can also help you preventing fights by confusing or disillusioning anyone that stands in you way to step aside.
Influence minds

Evocation – Damaging magic

Evocation is the most straightforward type of magic. It’s the one that hurts. Throw fireballs, ice shards or thunderstorms until the enemy stops moving.

Illusion – Mirage magic

This is the most underrated school of magic. Although you can’t damage or heal with illusions, you can still get your way if you use it creatively. Trick your enemies into thinking you have a bomb, treasure or the head of their leader. You will certainly get their attention. There is a lot you can do with even an Illusion cantrip, read more about it here.

Necromancy – Undead magic

Although the use of this school might be frowned upon, using dark magics to attack someones lifeforce or animating dead bodies will not only aid you in battle, but also shake the enemies to their core.

Transmutation – Transforming magic

With the abundance of transformation spells you can buff allies, bend the elements and control the battlefield. You can do it all!

Which School of magic is your favorite, and will this list make you try out others?

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