Diabelle Aries Tiefling Bard
Redskinned Tiefling Bard Diabelle Aries

In her youth Diabelle has faced many hard times. She discovered what it is like being prejudiced and ridiculed for her demon-like appearance as a tiefling. She was born in a religious and superstitious village from a human mother that died during childbirth and without a father in sight. While the mother was disposed of without a proper funeral Diabelle was brought to the monastery where they took her in despite her being “Devil’s breed”. Because of her looks she never got the love and care she needed and when she reached the age of 10 she was sold to the couple that ran the local tavern. Once they discovered she had a talent for music, storytelling and poetry they made her an attraction. “We have the child of the devil, come and drink and watch her dance!”.

During those years in the tavern she learned not only a love for music, but also how to use it to influence emotions and charm the people. Around the age of 16 she discovered that by using music she could cast magic. Diabelle then left the tavern to develop her powers and perform her music and stories for the world. That lifestyle suited her just fine and the next 10 years of her life she didn’t even consider settling down. Her current goal is to collect stories and find inspiration for her songs by going on adventures of her own. To do put herself in harms way and come out alive at the other end she joined a group of adventurers. They now start on their adventure and must count on each other safety and comfort.

Will Diabelle discover her father sold of his firstborn? Or that that is the reason her pregnant mother left him and moved to the small town? Will she still be owed to the demon her father promised her to? Only time will tell.

Character Build

Tiefling – For the charisma boost, fire resistance and bad-ass horns for that “Devil’s breed” look.
Bard – For singing/storytelling, supporting her team and expertise in her skills.
Entertainer background.


Personality Trait – Nobody can stay angry at me or around me for to long, since I can defuse any amount of tension.
Ideal – I like seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I preform. That’s all that matters.
Bond – I want to be famous, whatever it takes.
Flaw – I slept with the wife of a noble who still wants my head. It was a mistake that I will make again. I can’t resist a pretty face.

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