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D&D battle tactics

    A lot of the fun and mechanics of Dungeons&Dragons revolves around combat and fighting. Magic users have damaging spells, most feats help you in attacking or defending and there is even a class literary named a Fighter. Not every fight is the same however. Sometimes the DM thows something at you and the tactics you were using simply won’t cut it. Here are three battle tactics you can try in your next session.

    Use the dark

    Although your rogue-ish characters probably already use them, the shadow can work for almost every class. Most classes have darkvision, a bunch of spells can help with sneaking and when you get the drop on your enemies and they are surprised during the first round you basically get a free round of attacks off, most of those with advantage. Seeing that most DnD fights last around 3 round that means you can focus more on the offence and rush on through.

    Take them down a peg

    It can be scary facing an opponent that is bigger than you. They probably have a high AC, a ridiculous amount of HP and they hit like a truck. If you don’t think you can get it down before at least a couple of PC deaths then it’s time to simply bring them down. Follow in Luke Skywalker’s footsteps and use a simple rope to bind their legs together when circling them. See if it’s true if the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

    Use your surroundings

    What can you do when your group is individually stronger than the opponents, but you are vastly outnumbered? Well, you can just follow the tactics of the 300 spartan warriors when they were up against the vast Persian empire. Create a funnel. Find an area with only one small entrance. This maybe eliminates your escape options, but the opponents can only attack a few at a time at which time you will make a swift end to anyone who dares entering your reach. Even better when you can also flank them upon entering and your ranged allies have the option of cover.

    Which strategies does your group use and how does that work out for you? Share your tactics below.

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