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Creatures for Christmas

    Need some inspiration for a holiday DnD adventure? I got your back. Here are 5 types of creatures and how they would make an interesting and fitting encounter during the Christmas days.

    Blights (MM p31)

    These awakened plants may have a low Challenge Rating by themselves (What is CR?), but when encountered in a group they can easily overpower any party. Why would they be interesting for a Christmas adventure? Image every household of a village unknowingly taking trees, infected with Blights, into their home. Christmas morning will certainly bring surprises for every little boy and girl. Need a little extra challenge? Use the Shambling Mound as their leader.

    Djinni (variant Genie Powers) (MM p144)

    On Christmas eve, a little half-elf crawled into bed when a giant man in red and white clothing stepped out of the fireplace. “Hello there” he said to the boy in a deep voice “tell me your deepest desire and I shall grant you your wish.”. After a moments hesitation the boy answered “I wish for Christmas to never come to an end.”. With a glint in his eye the giant man nodded and said “Than it shall be so…”. If only a courageous group of adventurers would come by and end the curse that has kept this town and it’s occupants in an eternal winter, and keeps giving them “gifts” like Flying Swords and Rugs of Smothering.

    Ghosts (MM p147)

    The Duke of the city has promised a reward for the removal of the Ghost that causes yearly destruction and deaths around the winter holidays. Why is this Ghost clinging to life? Why does it keep returning during Christmas and what is it trying to accomplish? Whether the party goes for an all-out attack or tries to solve the mystery is up to them.

    Mimics (MM p220)

    I love throwing Mimics against my party. They usually take the form of chests or doors, but Christmas gives them the perfect opportunity to take the form of presents, snowmen, tree ornaments or a fruitcake.

    Pixies (MM p253)

    Every year the Pixies have visited the small village and brought delightful magics to celebrate Christmas, but this year they have not appeared. What changed? Have they been offended? Scared off? Killed? The perfect plot-hook for your players to start investigating.

    Do you know of any other creature, fitting in a Christmas setting? Place it in the comments below.

    Good luck with your Christmas adventure and I wish you and yours happy holidays and a good new year!

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