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D&D while travelling in a van

    The way I see D&D is as an amazing game in which anyone can become a world saving hero, no matter your personal lifestyle or experiences. All you need is the rulebook and people to play with, either in person or online. I got into Dungeons and Dragons a couple of years back and had my fair share of in-person sessions. About three years ago my girlfriend and I sold most of our stuff, packed up our cat and dice and started travelling Europe in our self converted camper van.

    On the road

    Although we haven’t seen our friends in person in quite a while, the D&D gamenights haven’t stopped. We regularly schedule sessions to play. After short updates on each of our lives and setting up our equipment I step into the shoes of the Monk/Cleric Luxian Ombraleaf and as an effective party we play for 3 to 5 hours. Although our travelling can cause some complications, we make sure to find a good parking spot. We need to have good internet for video calling, sun for our solar panels and we need to be parked in a calm and safe spot to let our cat and our current foster dog sniff around in nature.

    Besides the camper being our home, it is also our office on wheels. I write all your favorite MyFirstDungeon One-Shots while sitting at my pull-out table somewhere in Europe.

    If you want to know more about our lifestyle, how we converted our van or about travelling with pets you can check out my girlfriend’s Dutch/English blog at

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