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Getting into character

    For each character you make you want it to be fun to play and unique. But how do you do that and not just make them a slightly gruffer or more chaotic version of yourself? Here are some easy characteristics and mannerisms to really make them stand out.

    Give them a voice

    It might be a bit awkward if this is your first time role-playing or if you’re the first in the group to put an a voice but helps a lot for getting into character, making them unique and differentiating you and anything you say from what your character says. It can be as easy as making your voice slightly higher or lower, speaking faster or slower or adding an accent like Scottish, Australian or Hillbilly. Also keep your characters size and race into account when you choose.

    Background and alignment

    Although the alignment might not be all that important for any in-game mechanics, they can really help you define your character and how they would react in any situation. Acting all shady because of a Criminal background, gruff because of their Soldier background or always keeping to the straight-and-narrow because of their Lawful nature. Use it and make it your own.

    Give them a catchphrase

    Giving your character sayings or catchphrases gives you both some lines to fall back on to react to anything happening in game and a way to get into character. It can be as simple as adding “motherf*cker” to every other sentence or something a little more meaningful like “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”. It says a lot about your character and gives you something to lean on when you don’t know what to say. Now that you have some semblance about what your next character might sound like, why not try them out in any of my fanfiction one-shot? There is bound to be one that piques your interest on here. Good luck!

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