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How to be a good Dungeon Master

    Being a Dungeon Master is a highly respectable function. Where the players need only to roll up a character and work out the occasional level-up, the Dungeon Master has a full time job. They create and describe not only the world and everyone in it, but also how the PC’s fit into it all and how all their actions can have consequences. But what can you as a (future) DM do to be a “good” DM?

    Know the game

    To be a Dungeon Master you need to know how to play the game, but there is more to it than you would think as a player. When you crack open the Dungeon Master Guide you’ll see it is filled with encounter tables, stat-blocks and worldbuilding options. Read these through as they will come in handy, but don’t cram for it like you’ve got a test. Any rule you forget you can always look up.

    Make it your own

    What makes D&D an amazing game is that you can really make it your own. If you have an interest in history you can add wars, rebellions and dragon plagues to the history books of your world. If you are a Business major you can make the BBEG a puppetmaster who eludes the heroes by running a tight ship and who keeps his minions in line for a greater good. Maybe your passion is poetry and you add a bunch of riddles to every dungeon. Whatever it is you do, add it to the world and your players will love it.

    Have fun

    Whether you decide to play a prepared module (or one-shot) or you build a campaign using the Dungeon Master Guide, remember to have fun. D&D should be enjoyable for both the players and DM so pick some cool monsters, play intriguing NPC’s and build stumping puzzles until everyone is everyone is under the table from laughing.

    How do you make your D&D world your own? Post it in the comments!

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