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5 minor magic items

    One of the things my players enjoy when playing D&D is reaping the rewards after a tough fight or intricate puzzle. And what is better than a tailor-made magic items. These can give the players extra options while roleplaying or in fights, but they can be hard to balance correctly seeing they end up collecting a whole bunch of them. One way of doing this is by applying low level spells to an item which lets them do something they couldn’t before. A way more fun method is creating items from scratch by looking at what a player (or me IRL) might want and making sure it has cool visuals descriptors, a backstory and gives a slight upgrade to their skillset.

    Woodland Cloack

    “It is said that a druid of old spent years of his live learning to knit with nothing but tree bark. Eventually he succeeded by knitting with living tree bark while it was still on the tree which must have been one hell of a job. There are not many left and this might very well be the last cloak of his making.” A great item for forest druids. This worn looking green-brown cape lets you blend into the woods and gives you +3 to stealth while hiding in the woods.

    Demon’s Mask

    “Despite the powers bestowed upon them the halfling had trouble stepping up for himself. After turning to his patron and showing his devotion he received a small mask which gave him the confidence to step up and put his bullies in their place. He didn’t quite understand why, but that same day they left town and were not seen again.” A black half face mask which covers the top half of the face. Once per long rest when making an Intimidation check the mask lights up and gives you the appearance of you Warlock patron. This gives you +5 on intimidation and when successful the intimidated one will believe you possessed by a demon.

    Cat Amulet

    “This amulet was hand carved in a Tabaxi monastery to instil peace and calm in the wearer with it’s comforting weight, it’s intricate symmetrical carving and the smell of the monasteries garden.” This amulet in the shape of a cat gives of a faintly musky smell and attracts cats of all sizes. It gives the owner a +3 to Animal Handling of small domestic cats.

    Shellfish Light

    “This species has only recently been discovered deep in the plain of water. When first found they were harvested for eating, but finding they gave off a faint glow when cut open more tests were done. Apparently they are a very affectionate species and give their provider sight in the darkest of places.” The Shellfish light is a small clam which fits in your pocket. When you stroke it over it’s shell it’s softly purrs, opens and shines a dim light which can only be seen by the owner.

    Dragon’s Amulet

    “This ornate amulet is a Dragonborn relic which dates back millennia. It is said it bears with it some of the power of all it’s previous wearers.” This small amulet in the shape of a sleeping dragon looks ornate and benign until the Dragonborn wearer uses his/her breath attack. The eyes open up and glow, extra energy flows through the Dragonborn and he/she deals an extra D4 of damage.

    Are you gonna use any of these? Do you have any other minor magical items? Let me know below!

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