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How to Multiclass in D&D

    Although the separate classes in Dungeons and Dragons are rich enough to build countless characters around, sometimes your character concept goes beyond a single archetype. Luckily you always have the option to Multiclass. Combining the strengths (and weaknesses) of two or more classes into a single character. It can be amazing, but first you need to be aware of the answers to the following questions:

    Why are you Multiclassing?

    People play D&D with different mentalities. If you like building the strongest character possible, no matter if it fits your characters narrative then you might want to Multiclass to get access to specific perks which only come from different classes. Some might want to Multiclass to try new things within the game and see how classes could combine into something new. But in my experience the most rewarding reason to Multiclass is because it fits the narrative. Maybe your Cleric is distancing himself from his deity and is seduced by a demon who promises them power of a different calibre. Perhaps your Fighter keeps recognizing that using a blade is not enough and that they could profit from studying magic to use in combat. Or maybe the Barbarian has a newfound passion for music and discovered a hidden talent. Whatever the reason, dipping into a different classes can create amazing opportunities for role-playing.

    What do you need to Multiclass?

    After having a reason to Multiclass into a different class you only need a single other aspect. To be worthy of attaining the first level in a different class you need one or two ability scores that you would need as that class (see p163 of the PHB). If you have that aptitude, and you use your next level up in a different class then the fun can begin.

    What do you get when you Multiclass?

    And now the good stuff. What extra options and capabilities do you gain when you Multiclass? It’s fun that you get a Hit Die and Proficiencies associated with the new class, but what really sets it apart are the Class Features (see p163 of the PHB). Getting Unarmored Defence as a magic user or Spells when you were a straight Martial Class can really make a difference in any scenario the DM throws at you. Besides that, you have an awesome new way to role-play your character so go out there, Multiclass and enjoy!

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