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How I made Pokémon D&D

    After discovering how to use D&D mechanics to make a Harry Potter one-shot I followed that up by building the mechanics for Pokémon D&D. Firstly because I spent a lot of time in that world dating all the way back to Pokémon Blue. I played that game over and over again on my GameBoy Advanced and played a lot of the following handheld-, console- and card games. After I made the first Harry Potter one-shot I started thinking of what the base mechanics of D&D combat were to see if any other franchise would fit it and this is what I discovered:

    D&D versus Pokémon Mechanics

    During Dungeons&Dragons combat the combatants each take a turn, the order of which is based on their speed/dexterity. In a turn they can use their movement speed for positioning and use their action employ abilities to inflict damage or set-up some effects to create advantages for their team or disadvantages for the enemies. During Pokémon battles you choose your Pokémons based on abilities, type and their strengths and weaknesses. They target each others HP, use their speed to determine order (and in the anime to move around), a high defense helps against attacks, a high Special Defense helps against Special Attacks and high Attack and Special Attack determines the effect of your physical or special attack to either deal damage or employ an effect to your team or the enemies.

    Making the Translation

    Right away there are a lot of similarities. To universally implement those similarities I created a Pokémon to D&D Adaptation Guide and Calculator which uses different formulas to translate each Pokémon’s stats into D&D stats. In this world Bill and Oak made it possible for trainers to turn into Pokémon druids and their Pokémon wild shape forms are calculated based on the following:

    – Your Druid Level determines which Pokémon forms are available and add onto the HP, AC and damage calculations.

    – The Pokémon’s HP stat along with your Druid level converts into your HP.

    – The Pokémon’s Attack stat adds onto your physical move’s damage calucation.

    – The Pokémon’s Special Attack stat adds onto your special/status move’s damage calculation.

    – The Pokémon’s Defense stat converts into your Armor Class.

    – The Pokémon’s Special Defense stat converts into your Saving Throw modifier.

    – The Pokémon’s Speed stat converts into initiative bonus and movement speed.

    – A physical move’s power converts into the Damage Dice.

    – A physical move’s accuracy converts into the Attack Modifier.

    – A special/status move’s power converts into the Damage Dice.

    – A special/status move’s accuracy converts into the Attack Save DC.

    Do you want to try it out? Go and play this Pokémon D&D one-shot for free here or visit the shop to also get additional mini’s, maps, printable files, the adaptation guide and the stat calculator.

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