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PC idea: Fabian Miri Lockheard (Rogue Thief)

    Miri grew up on a farm where she had a good life, but she never felt complete. She never felt home in a girls body, especially when puberty kicked in. Although her family didn’t quite understand her situation they did support her when she told them she would head for the city for a sex-change.

    Leaving Home

    After two days on the road she entered Winterdeep where on the first day there she got beat-up and robbed in an alley. At first she was happy that a man named Iraun Thelder offered to heal her and told her he could help with her situation. He referred her to a Cleric of his that could help with the sex-change. Although the operation was a success Miri (now Fabian) now owes Iraun a debt and he is forced to work some shady and illegal Rogue jobs.

    Ready for Adventure

    After 3 years of being under Iraun’s thumb Fabian is sent on a mission to recover a precious relic. Although Iraun tries to keep tabs on Fabian, he has been trained too well as a Rogue and being sneaky. While Fabian is away he will keep stealing to hopefully one day pay off his debt and be rid of Iraun and his criminal organisation. On his journeys he plans to get rich, fight for justice and make friends until he can be reunited with his family on the farm.

    Character Build

    Human – For higher ability scores.

    Rogue Thief – For thieving skills to get money, Thieves’ Cant and Expertise.

    Criminal background – For stealth expertise.

    Personality Trait – I would rather make a new friend than a new enemy + I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.

    Ideal – There is a spark of good in everyone.

    Bond – I’m trying to pay off an old dept I owe to a generous benefactor.

    Flaw – When I see something valuable, I can’t think about anything but how to steal it.

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