What do you need to know about the Percy Jackson world?

Prior knowledge of the Percy Jackson universe is not required, but does gives color to the world through references to known locations and characters. Read the “introduction” further down on this page and you know all that you need to play this one-shot.

What do you need to know about D&D?

You or part of your group need a base understanding of the game and one needs to be able to be the Dungeon Master.

Available character options

All characters are human demigods that are 3rd level and between 9 and 11 years old.

Use the “Human traits” as specified in the “Player Handbook”, but alter the languages as following: “You can speak and write English and an additional language, and you can read Ancient Greek, but you have difficulty reading English and your additional language because of dyslexia.”

Additional Races (like Centaur, Cyclops, Dryad or Satyr), Classes and extra character options that each of the 20 gods bestow can be found in “Percy’s Olympian Handbook”, available soon in the shop.

The available classes are linked to the chosen godly parent. The options in this one-shot are:

Athena – Goddess of wisdom
Symbol: Owl
Classes: Fighter, Wizard or Knowledge Cleric

Ares – God of war
Symbol: Boar
Classes: Barbarian, Paladin or War Cleric

Apollo – God of the Sun
Symbol: Sun
Classes: Bard, Monk, Ranger or Light Cleric

Demeter – Goddess of harvest
Symbol: Cornucopia
Classes: Druid, Monk, Sorcerer or Nature Cleric

Hephaestus – God of the forge
Symbol: Anvil
Classes: Artificer, Wizard, Forge Cleric or Light Cleric

Aphrodite – Goddess of love
Symbol: Rose
Classes: Bard, Paladin, Sorcerer or Life Cleric

Hermes – God of trade
Symbol: Caduceus
Classes: Fighter, Rogue, Warlock or Trickery Cleric

Quick start character sheets are included in the product.

Choose your spells and abilities based on the domain of your chosen godly parent.

Starting equipment

The players start without weapons or gear so their starting AC is: 10 + Dex modifier (unless they have a feature like Unarmored Defense).


The events of this adventure take place during the third book in the Percy Jackon series “Percy Jackson – The Titans Curse”. The players are unaware that they are demigods at the start, or that gods and monsters exist. They were raised by their human parent who was forbidden to let you know of your heritage. During this adventure the PC’s are asked to help with a fantastical, high-stakes mission.

Running this one shot

This one-shot covers a lot that might happen during this adventure and goes into detail about how the locations the players come across look and feel. Despite that, players tent to do stuff, meet people and go to places they are not supposed to. It is your job as the Dungeon Master to fill in gaps where necessary and steer them back towards the main plot.

Text in boxes can be read out loud to the players when the conditions in them are met.

The normal humans of the world are unable to see the monsters or magical happenings because of the Mist. Roleplay the effects as you like.

Turn on a fitting music playlist and let the fun begin!

Enjoying this preview of the Percy Jackson D&D one-shot?

Find the full adventure in the shop. It includes printable documents of:
– An easy access, print ready version of this adventure
8 designs of the playable characters
– 4 designs of the creatures in this adventure
– 3 battlemaps
– 9 Quick start character sheets

Adventure start (Preview)

The story of these heroes starts in a way I haven’t seen a story start before. It doesn’t start in some dangerous Himalayan temple or hidden underwater city. This one starts by you [number of players] going on a three day field trip to Washington DC with your 6 grade class. It starts as well as might be expected. After a hectic bus ride, visits to a couple war memorials and a night with barely any sleep at a shabby hostel, you have now been dragged through most of the Capitol Building with it’s many statues, marble columns and the Rotunda with the painted Capitol Dome. Who are each of you, how do you look, how well do you know each other and how are you enjoying this school trip so far?

As your class is on its way towards the gift shops, you [number of players] seem to be the only ones who see a huge plant vine pulling a girl in strange clothing into a room, while she in turn drags a weird half-human, half-goat boy along with her. While whizzing by she sees you looking and yells for your help while no one else seems to react. A second vine grabs the door handle and slams the door shut behind them. How do you react?

As you open the door you only need a second to take in the whole scene, almost like it is in slow motion. The half-goat boy is lying crumpled up on the floor and isn’t moving. The girl is wielding a spear and is trying but failing to fight off the 5 plant vines that come from 5 plant pots around the room. In between you and the girl is a small handbag on the ground with an impossible amount of (celestial) bronze weapons spilling out. You see swords, war hammers and crossbows [all weapons are available from the list of p149 of the PHB]. Once you set your foot through the door frame, a glowing [symbol of their chosen godly parent] appears above your head and you feel a surge of energy and power flow through you. You feel ready for battle. What do you do?

Plant vines (5x) (medium plants)

Hit Points: 6 (5x)
Armor Class: 12
Speed: 30 ft.
STR: +0
DEX: +2
CON: -2
INT: -2
WIS: -2
CHA: -4

Damage Vulnerabilities: Fire and slashing
Condition Immunities: Blindened, Deafened

Whip: The vine whips around, and the target must make a DC 11 Dexterity saving throw. On a failed saving throw the target takes 6 (1d6+2) slashing damage.

Hylla Ramírez-Arellano

Hit Points: 21
Armor Class: 14
Speed: 30 ft.
STR: +4
DEX: +2
CON: +1
INT: +2
WIS: +2
CHA: +1

Spear: +4 to hit. 1d6 piercing damage. Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)

She is a warrior of the Amazons, on a quest to find the Belt of Hippolyta to unite the Amazons by becoming their queen. Born in Puerto Rico and older sister to Reyna. Because of Percy Jackson they were kidnapped from Circe’s island (in “The Sea of Monsters” book) and traveled the seas with Blackbeard and his men. After that Reyna went a different way and Hylla became an Amazon. She is still seeking revenge on Percy Jackson.
She is a demigod daughter of Bellona (the Roman Goddess of war) and Julian Ramirez-Arellano. When asked about her godly parent she will lie and name Enya as her mother (the Greek equivalent to Bellona).
Hylla won’t talk about Roman gods or the Roman camp but will tell them about Camp Half-blood where Greek demigods are trained and taught about this world with gods and monsters.
She recognises the godly symbols that were above the PC’s heads as those of the corresponding Olympian gods. She will explain that demigods all have a human and a godly parent which gives them powers and abilities based on the god.
In her bag of weapons she also has most items the PC’s might ask for when they need anything.

Now that the last plant vine has fallen you get your first good look at the girl. She is athletic, lean and wearing a sleek black leather jumpsuit. She has glossy, long black hair, black eyes and a long white scar on her forehead. She approaches you and puts her spear back on her back. “Thanks! I would have been toast if it wasn’t for you demigods. My name is Hylla, an Amazon warrior, who are you?”

“Now that we are all acquainted I want to ask you for your help. The Amazons want to help and protect those that can’t protect themselves. Us Amazons are strong individually, but we need to be united under a queen before we can properly make a difference. Every year some of us go looking for the Belt of Hippolyta as it symbolises the authority of the Amazon queen. I want to be the one who either makes or brakes the prophecy”. She walks over to the half-goat boy, shakes him awake and pulls him to his feet. “This is Harry, he is a Satyr and he is helping me break into the vault of Dionysus, the God of wine. The Amazons had a battle with Dionysus centuries ago and I suspect that he is the one who stole the Belt of Hippolyta as payback. We are the rightful owners so I’m here to take it back. Are you in?”
[When asked why they should help she will explain it will hone their powers, it is going to show them the other side of the world and she can pay them if they ask for it]

When asked about the prophecy

In a singsong voice Hylla recites:

“A warrior will set out, looking for a queen,
And unexpected heroes shall enter the scene,
Looking to reclaim what has been stolen from dames,
Despite all efforts it shall end in flames.”

“I know it sounds bad, but gloomy prophecies like these are not always what they seem. Either way I intent to find out.”

After accepting to help

“Alright, lets pull off a heist! It’s like in those movies like “Oceans 11” or “The Italian Job”… This is The Amazonian Job! You can take any weapons or armor out of my bag if you want because we need to be prepared [all armor options of up to 200 gp are available from the list of p145 of the PHB]. First thing we need to do is figure out how we open the hidden trapdoor at the foot of the huge ‘Statue of Freedom’ in the ‘Visitors Center’ and then get in without the crowds or guards noticing us. Any of you got a good idea?”

Enjoyed this preview of the Percy Jackson D&D one-shot?

Find the full adventure in the shop. It includes printable documents of:
– An easy access, print ready version of this adventure
8 designs of the playable characters
– 4 designs of the creatures in this adventure
– 3 battlemaps
– 9 Quick start character sheets

You can find the rest of this one-shot including printable mini’s, character sheets and maps in the shop.

Disclaimer: This D&D adventure is original work by my making. I do not own the rights to either the ‘Pecry Jackson’ franchise or ‘Dungeons & Dragons’.