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Avatar – D&D One Shot

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In this One-Shot the players take on the roles of master benders to locate and/or save the missing Avatar Roku. Can they pull it off?

This Avatar D&D one-shot package includes printable documents of:
– A digital or physical version of the Avatar Dungeons & Dragons one-shot
– 8 designs of the playable characters
– 6 designs of NPC’s and enemies in this adventure
– 3 battle maps
– 71 balanced bending techniques (spells)

The documents are available in A4 and Letter format.


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This adventure does not include the rules of D&D.
I have no affiliation to the Avatar franchise, Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards of the coast.

1 review for Avatar – D&D One Shot

  1. private

    Very entertaining and fun to run. a few adjustments needed to be made but very expected and easy to do. very good oneshot and very enjoyable for both me the DM to run and for the players. Loved the twist!

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