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Pokémon – D&D One Shot & Adaptation Guide


In this Dungeons & Dragons one shot adventure the players enter the world of “Pokémon”. In this future version of the Pokémon world, trainers are able to change into Pokémon themselves and fight to become the best Druid of them all.

This package includes:
– An easy access, print ready version of the adventure (in English and Dutch)
– Miniatures of the playable and enemy Pokémon
– 3 battlemaps
– A printable guide on “Pokémon to D&D” adaptation
– A Pokémon stat calculator

The documents are available in A4 and Letter format.


This adventure does not include the rules of D&D.
I have no affiliation to the Pokémon franchise, Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards of the coast.


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