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Harry Potter 1+2+3 – D&D One Shots


In these 3 Harry Potter One-Shots the players have received a letter by owl saying they have a chance to get into Hogwarts. If they prove themselves in the first One-Shot they will arrive in Hogwarts only to have to solve a mystery. If they succeed in that they receive a letter and opportunity from the Marauders. Will they get through all three One-Shot adventures?

This Harry Potter D&D one-shots package includes printable documents of:
– A digital or physical version of the 3 Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons one-shots
– 13 designs of the playable races
– 10 designs of the creatures in the adventures
– Designs of the NPC’s
– 7 battle maps (also available for digital use)
– Acceptance letters and a map of school grounds
– 7 Quick start character sheets – Leveled up for each adventure
– 8 Quick start character backgrounds

The documents are available in A4 and Letter format and digitally in both English and Dutch.


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This adventure does not include the rules of D&D.
I have no affiliation to the Harry Potter franchise, Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards of the coast.


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