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Harry Potter 3 – The next Marauders – D&D One Shot

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In the last two One Shots the players all got into Hogwarts and solved a mystery. In this One Shot they have been there for a half year, and are tasked with a new challenge. Can they follow in the footsteps of legends?

This Harry Potter D&D one shot package includes printable documents of:
– An easy access, print ready version of this Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons one shot
– 13 designs of the playable races
– 3 designs of the creatures in this adventure
– 3 battle maps (print-ready and digital for online play)
– 7 Quick start character sheets
– 8 Quick start character backgrounds

The documents are available in A4 and Letter format and in English and Dutch.


This adventure does not include the rules of D&D.
I have no affiliation to the Harry Potter franchise, Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards of the coast.

2 reviews for Harry Potter 3 – The next Marauders – D&D One Shot

  1. Anouk

    I had so much fun playing this one-shot. It can be played without having played the previous one-shots. It’s a lot of fun if you like the Harry Potter world.

  2. Lieke (Lola)

    I played this one shot as Lola, a merperson. And together with my friends we overcame yet another chapter in our Harry Potter adventure. I hade a lot of fun playing this one shot witch follows perfectly after the other 2 one shots! The story is well written and there is still a lot of room to be creative as players.

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