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Hunger Games – D&D One Shot

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In this One Shot the players are picked to fight in the 20th Hunger Games as a team. Will they survive against the odds?

This Hunger Games D&D one shot package includes printable documents of:
– An easy access, print ready version of the adventure
– Miniatures of the playable characters, NPC’s and enemies
– 5 battlemaps
– A blueprint map of the arena
– Printable tables to keep track of exhaustion, time and remaining teams

The documents are available in A4 and Letter format.


This adventure does not include the rules of D&D.
I have no affiliation to the Hunger Games franchise, Dungeons and Dragons or Wizards of the coast.

1 review for Hunger Games – D&D One Shot

  1. Worsebird

    It’s not necessary to know the movies for playing (even tough it makes it more interesting). The rules are easy to understand and the fights can be very thrilling. The armours of the figures can vary depending on the skills and it makes fun to play the moves out.

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