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Goblin – Monster Manual Model of the Month

    The most ofter used D&D creature in the Monster Manual is the Goblin. They are small, have a CR of only 1/4 and live underground. So why are they so popular?

    An easy fit

    First off, they can fit nearly anywhere. They can be roadside bandits, hunting in the woods for meat and occupants in caves, tombes or sewers so they would never be out of place to find during the partys adventures.

    Always a challenge

    Goblin are nasty and conniving little bastards. A small band can only pose a threat to a first level party, but when a huge, multi-tiered colony sets their mind to it they can create ambushes, alarms and traps that can kill even a 20th level party outright. Especially when working with Bugbears, Hobgoblins or their pet rats and wolves.

    One Shot inspiration

    Do you want a unique adventure build around goblins? Let me set the scene:

    “As your party enters this small city they can taste the unrest in the air. In bright daylight no-one is on the street, and doors and windows are locked and barred. On every streetcorner they see the same poster saying: ‘Heroes wanted, large reward, rid this city of the unseen bandits, haven’t been sighted but stolen everything not nailed down.'”

    When the players start investigating they find clues which lead them into the sewer system. After narrowly surviving boobytraps and disabling the alarms they eventually find the heart of a thriving Goblin town, deep underneath the city. They also see a group of Goblins getting ready for the next raid of the city above.

    Can the players shut down this operation and save the city?

    Looking for a different monster to throw at your players? Why not use a Wraith, an Ooze or a Mimic.

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