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Oozes – Monster Manual Model of the Month

    Oozes (a.k.a. Dungeon Roomba’s) come in a few different variations, each with it’s own strengths. Despite their large size and slow pace they are very stealthy. They manage that by blending in with their dark and damp environment and waiting for their prey to come to them. The Ooze variations differ a bit in their attack and specific diet but all “eat” living tissue (and more) by dissolving it in their extremely acidic body.

    Silent hunter

    Because an ooze uses stealth as their main strategy for hunting it is not all that exciting when you put an ooze in a room with the adventurers. No, the fun when using these against your players is in the build-up and in the sudden reveal when it gets the drop on them. You can really draw it out by describing how the ancient ruins are completely spotless and free of dust. The surprise attack is also very important, seeing that that is the reason the oozes have a CR between 1/2 and 4 (What is CR?). When the ooze is revealed it mostly hopes to tank the hits, close in and swallow it’s prey, which can really mess-up an unbalanced party.

    One Shot inspiration

    “When the king ordered the expansion of the castle’s dungeon the workers started digging until they found a room. A luxurious dining room with high stone walls and stone-and-metal furniture. All of it neatly arranged and spotlessly clean, ready for dinner to be served. It’s like the king was expected, but no one presented themselves. The king sent his emissaries and some guards further into the maze of hallways beyond the dining room, but even after a day none of them returned.”

    The king is not willing to send more of his own men inside and he has offered a reward to the adventurers that can find out what is happening beneath his castle. He is however unaware that one of the many gelatinous cubes from beneath his castle has already entered his dungeons…

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