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Wraith – Monster Manual Model of the Month

    If your party comes across a Wraith at a relativaly low level it better watch out and prepare. It could mean a total team kill unless you either know what to expect or have a optimised and balanced party. With a Challenge Rating of 5 it sounds doable enough, but it has a whole heap of resistances and immunities (like non-magical weapons). It can heal on every successful hit and if someone dies in it’s presence it can create a specter to fight by it’s side. If you don’t figure out a winning strategy early it will quickly overwelm you. Every round you grow weaker, it gets stronger.

    Existence of a Wraith

    Although it’s tactics might seem nasty, it’s origin is even more vile. When a damned humanoid dies but it’s soul is so deeply tainted with negative energy it implodes and a Wraith is born. It’s ghostly form means that is near unstopable as it can move through solid objects and creatures. All it does is roam around in the shadows and leave anything it passes dead and withered. It’s sole purpose is to end all life on the world. From each death they raise legions of specters to spread that death even further.

    Wraith one shot idea

    Once the evil warlord was finally defeated the townsfolk were hoping better days were ahead. Nothing could have been further from the truth. After his men dragged the dying man into the castle and they haven’t been heard from since. A week later the first few mysterious deaths started and have continued every night since. Luckily a group of adventurers arrived and they might be the towns last hope..

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