Living mug of ale
Mimic as a living mug of ale

Do you want to really surprise a new player with a classic D&D creature? Time to bring out a Mimic. These shapechanging monstrosities take on the form of whatever might lure a prey in close. They are most often portrayed as chest as those are always a relief for a player and their PC to encounter, only to have it turn on them and initiate combat.

A capable predator

Besides shapechanging into a form that in unrecognisable from the real deal it has a few other tricks up it’s sleeve. It secreeds an adhesive which counts as a grapple when stuck to a PC and it can deal out bludgeoning, piercing and acid damage. It is also immune to acid damage and the prone condition. Despite all that it’s CR is only a 2 (What is CR?).

Mimic one-shot inspiration

“When investigating a murder in a private library the party discovers that no killer could have gotten in or out during the time of the murder. Meanwhile the distracted wizard goes around the room to check out the books until he is suddenly set upon by a Mimic disguised as a large tome. After the party has dealt with it the butler informs them that the ‘book’ was delivered yesterday by a shadowy character. When the party eventually tracks him down to his hideout they discover he has been breeding mimics to complete otherwise impossible assassination contracts. Can the party shut his operation down?”

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