Owlbear attack Dungeons and Dragons
Attacking Owlbear D&D

Among the earliest creations of Gary Gygax for D&D was the Owlbear. A monstrous combination of the body of a bear and head of an owl, filled to the brim with ferocity. It’s brute force and ill temper makes it a dangerous enemy for any opponent unlucky enough to cross it’s path.

Strength and weaknesses

With a strength score of 20 and a multi attack it’s strength is definitely it’s strength. And with a constitution of 17 and a decent AC it can definitely take a hit. Despite that it is merely a creature so it would definitely be in trouble when it’s intelligence of 3 or charisma of 7 would be opposed.

Always a challenge

With a CR of 3 (What is CR?) it is a deadly opponent for a low level party but multiple of them could still pose a challenge even at around 10th level, especially when you use them well (Create interesting battles). Even beyond that they would make for an excellent minion to a greater foe like a lich or opposing, high level druid. That way they make an interesting encounter at any level.

One Shot inspiration

Do you want a unique adventure build around owlbears? Let me set the scene:
Taking a night off, the party decides to kick back and visit the circus while they are in town. The show is thrilling until it is cut short. The ringmaster announces that vandals have stolen their beloved owlbears and that a reward will be paid to whoever can retrieve them.

Investigating the owlbear trail will lead the party to an animal sanctuary where the owlbears where originally from. Further investigating the circus however reveals that the owlbears and many other creatures were taken from their homes and are now treated horribly.

Will the party force the owlbears back into a life of servitude in exchange for the reward or will they plan an elaborate breakout?

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