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Random Encounter Generator

    All the players need to do is roll up a Character Sheet and they are ready to play some Dungeons and Dragons. But as the Dungeon Master you are tasked with building a whole world and inhabiting it with creative stuff for your players to encounter. One way to create combat encounters is rolling for it. That way the PC’s might run into wolves, trolls or goblins, but that might get boring after a while. That’s because those type of encounters are one dimensional. They are static and only exist for the players to chop down or flee from. That is why you should fill in those encounters with more than just an enemy. Those enemies need a motivation to be there and interesting characteristics to make them differ from the last.

    Start rolling encounters

    Need some help creating quick but interesting Encounters? Roll on the Generator below and have fun.

    Random Encounter Generator

    As the party arrives they see:

    that are

    but they seem

    Fill in the blanks

    You now have your Random Encounter. All there is left to do is work out the details. How many enemies are there? Why do they do what they are doing? And how did they become disadvantaged? There are no wrong answers so get creative and have fun with it. Just make sure the PC’s can either handle it or have the option to get away.

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