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Trap Generator

    When your D&D party goes dungeon delving some combat is expected, but when it is fight after fight after fight until the evil is defeated and treasure can be claimed in the last chamber it gets really dull really fast. To break up this monotony you can add riddles, evoke interaction with NPC’s or throw some fun traps their way. Traps can come in all shapes and sizes but all should comprise of a trigger and an effect. Some easy traps can be found on page 120 of the ‘Dungeon Master’s Guide’. It also provides guidelines on how to scale the difficulty and danger of those traps based on the PC’s level. If that chapter does not provide enough trap options and inspiration for your next dungeon or you have already used them all than here is your solution!

    If you want new and exciting ways to trap, tease and provoke your players you can do so by simply rolling on the Generator below and start adding those to your setting.

    Trap Generator

    When the players:

    It activates:

    Fill in the blanks

    You now have your trap. All there is left to do is incorporate it into the setting. Add the trigger and concequence to the location and maybe throw in some hints so the players have a chance to either avoid it, dismantle the trap or get ready for action. Get creative and have fun with it.

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