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Magic Item Generator

    The party has finally defeated the evil that has taken over the tomb and his Goblin minions. “It better be worth it!” the Fighter grunts. They gather around the chest as the Rogue carefully opens it and finds… What do they find? Just some gold coins and another +1 weapon? Come on! Get creative with it. You want to reward your player, right? If inspiration is the problem then here is the solution. A long list of Random magic items is only a click away! Roll on the Generator below and have fun.

    Magic Item Generator

    They find the:


    Fill in the blanks

    You now have your Magic Item. All there is left to do is work out the details. What can it do? How many charges a day does it have? Does it need attunement? What is it’s backstory? There are no wrong answers so get creative and have fun with it. Just make sure it doesn’t unbalance the game.

    Looking for some items with pre-prepared backstories? Check out these: 5 minor magic items. Do you want more generators? Try this NPC Generator, Random Encounter Generator, Trap Generator or Plot Hook Generator.

    Are you ready to play some D&D, and do you want to further explore fantasy worlds like that of Harry Potter, Pokémon, Hunger Games or Avatar? Try out these free one-shots!

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