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When your world is laid out and the quests are good to go you are still left with a kingdom that feels empty. Sure, you probably filled it with some essential NPC’s and faceless masses, but when the players ask about if there are fun characters to talk to or people with interesting background there are non around. To further fill up your towns with interesting NPC’s (Non-Players Characters) you can easily create those in two ways. One is by starting with either a race or occupation and adding characteristics and a purpose to give them a reason to be there and wanting something from your players. The second and way easier way to create creative NPC’s is by using this generator.

Start generating NPC’s

If you want easy, in-depth NPC’s to populate your world, all you have to do is simply roll on the Generator below.

NPC Generator

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During your adventures you meet:

Fill in the blanks

You now have your NPC’s. All there is left to do is work out the details. How do his/her characteristics influence their mood, intelligence and lifegoals. Fill them out a little more and you’ll have characters that your players will go to the ends of the earth for and remember long after the campaign has ended.

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