Gnome announcing as plot hook
Gnome announcing the plot hook from paper

You have your main quest laid out for your players, but you don’t want it to be the only thing they can do in this rich D&D world. Maybe they need some more EXP, more gold or just some light-hearted adventures before they continue on to defeat the great evil from destroying this world. So where do you start? To begin making a side-quest you only need two things. A problem that someone needs solved and a way for the party to get involved. Those two questions can have really short answers. When you have those answers you only need to further fill in the blanks by adding puzzles, monsters, locations and NPC’s. But lets begin at that plot hook. All you need is for your party to encounter an NPC when they enter a new location like a forest, new village or building. That NPC might announce a happening or have a problem at a certain location. How the players act on it is up to them, but you have set events into motion.

Start rolling for plot hooks

If you want idea suggestions on who this NPC is, how he/she conveys what is happening and at what location, you can simply roll on the Generator below and start filling in the details.

Plot Hook Generator

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As the party arrives they see:

Fill in the blanks

You now have your Plot Hook. All there is left to do is work out the details. Why is that person approaching them? What are the details surrounding the message? And why that specific location and what puzzles (3 fun puzzles), monsters and NPC’s are there when they arrive? There are no wrong answers so get creative and have fun with it.

Want some help building out your world? Also roll on the Random Encounter Generator, Magic Item Generator, Trap Generator and NPC Generator.

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