Coming soon: Alice D&D 2 – Wonderland in Darkness

Alice - Wonderland in Darkness DnD - Coming Soon

The first Alice in Wonderland one-shot is live now! You can enter the magical world and explore it for yourself along with your friends. But the magic won’t end there. There is more coming! In “Welcome to Wonderland” you and your friends entered Wonderland like Alice once did and save the day. It has been […]

Alice in Wonderland D&D One-Shot <em>(Preview) – Welcome to Wonderland</em>

Alice in Wonderland DnD adventure

Introduction The Alice in Wonderland book came out about 160 years ago in 1865 and is now one of the best-known works of literature because of it’s fantastic, impossible, yet gripping story that makes you feel like that mad world might actually be real. Too bad you can’t be there, but have to endure another […]

What mini’s to use?

ttrpg minis

If your group has chosen to play with battle-maps (with either square or hex grid) than there is one last choice to make before you can play. What type of mini’s do you use? The most commonly used option is the DnD branded mini’s of characters, NPC’s and monsters. You will still have to buy […]

Getting into character

DnD PulpFiction

For each character you make you want it to be fun to play and unique. But how do you do that and not just make them a slightly gruffer or more chaotic version of yourself? Here are some easy characteristics and mannerisms to really make them stand out. Finding the character’s voice It might be […]

Designing traps for your next dungeon

Indiana Jones trap with gold d20 dice

Dungeons and Dragons consists of three components. Combat, Social Interaction and Exploration. The first two are quite self-explanatory, but Exploration is a collection of everything else the players do in the world. It’s walking through woods, exploring dungeons and best of all.. traps! What makes traps fun in my opinion is that is has consequences […]

Schools of magic in DnD

wizard using magic

Magic is a powerful component in the world of Dungeons&Dragons. You can blow up your enemies, heal your friends and conjure allies to your aid. To have some semblance of sorting and balancing out these spells D&D divides them up into 8 “Schools” of magic. As a magic user you can choose amongst those (based […]

Creatures for your Christmas D&D one shot

Fruitcake mimic

Need some inspiration for a holiday DnD adventure? I got your back. Here are 5 types of creatures and how they would make an interesting and fitting encounter during the Christmas days. Blights (MM p31) These awakened plants may have a low Challenge Rating by themselves (What is CR?), but when encountered in a group […]

Minor Illusion <em>– The Best DnD Spell</em>

Illusion bomb

Fighting styles can be a lifesaver and a fireball can be game-changer, but no feat, spell or ability is a powerful in the game of Dungeons & Dragons as Minor Illusion. This cantrip is available to multiple (sub)classes or races or when you pick certain feats and it is a must-have! As with many other […]

Wraith <em>Monster Manual Model of the Month</em>

Wraith reaching out

If you party comes across a Wraith at a relativaly low level it better watch out and prepare. It could mean a total team kill unless you either know what to expect or have an optimised and balanced party. With a Challenge Rating of 5 (What is CR?) it sounds doable enough, but it has […]

D&D battle tactics

Using battle tactics against troll

A lot of the fun and mechanics of Dungeons&Dragons revolves around combat and fighting. Magic users have damaging spells, most feats help you in attacking or defending and there is even a class called Fighter. Not every fight is the same however. Sometimes the DM thows something at you and the tactics you were using […]

5 more underused normal items

Items for writing - Ink and quill on a book

Near the end of your adventures you and your compatriots have aquired some epic power and loot that no creature besides a god can hope to stand against. But even then you can make a great use out of the basics. Flip to the ‘Adventuring Gear’ page of the PHB and you can find some […]

How I made Pokémon D&D <em>Making D&D Fanfiction part 2</em>

Pokemon ball and 12-sided dice combination

After discovering how to use D&D mechanics to make a Harry Potter one-shot I followed that up by building the mechanics for Pokémon D&D. Firstly because I spent a lot of time in that world dating all the way back to Pokémon Blue. I played that game over and over again on my GameBoy Advanced […]

PC idea: Tasha Servius <em>PC of the month (Paladin)</em>

Paladin in front of sunset

While double-checking Tasha’s service records before promoting her to General of the city guard it was discovered that she had skipped her two years of serving her community. Although this seems like a minor issue, seeing that she aced her mental and physical tests and evaluations, the Sergeant major refused her promotion. Maybe because she […]

How I made Harry Potter D&D <em>Making D&D Fanfiction part 1</em>

A d20 dice combined with Harry Potter's Golden Snitch

A few years ago I started my Dungeons and Dragons journey. Once I got the hang of stepping into the shoes of a hero in a pre-written world of magic and monsters I started wondering if I could also use it to finally go to other worlds like I had always dreamed of. I remember […]

D&D Trap Generator


When your D&D party goes dungeon delving some combat is expected, but when it is fight after fight after fight until the evil is defeated and treasure can be claimed in the last chamber it gets really dull really fast. To break up this monotony you can add riddles, evoke interaction with NPC’s or throw […]

Add riddles to D&D

Man looking at riddle on mirror

If you want to spice up your D&D storytelling, diversify the puzzles or even give more depth to combat you can do so by adding riddles. They can force the players to think, give more colour to the setting and even turn fights into more than only hitting stuff until it dies (besides making the […]

PC idea: Diabelle Aries <em>PC of the month (Tiefling Bard)</em>

Diabelle Aries Tiefling Bard

In her youth Diabelle has faced many hard times. She discovered what it is like being prejudiced and ridiculed for her demon-like appearance as a tiefling. She was born in a religious and superstitious village from a human mother that died during childbirth and without a father in sight. While the mother was disposed of […]

Oozes <em>Monster Manual Model of the Month</em>

Gelatinous Cube Ooze devouring an Orc

Oozes (a.k.a. Dungeon Roomba’s) come in a few different variations, each with it’s own strengths. Despite their large size and slow pace they are very stealthy. They manage that by blending in with their dark and damp environment and waiting for their prey to come to them. The Ooze variations differ a bit in their […]

How to describe a scene in D&D

Dragon circling a huge mountain

Dungeons&Dragons is a game in which the players take on a role and inhabit and explore a world more magical and fantastical than our own. Each location they visit has eons of history that are unbound by the boring rules of our world’s physics. But you don’t reflect that when you only say “you walk […]

NPC Generator

NPC farmer with pitchfork

When your world is laid out and the quests are good to go you are still left with a kingdom that feels empty. Sure, you probably filled it with some essential NPC’s and faceless masses, but when the players ask about if there are fun characters to talk to or people with interesting background there […]

Reactions <em>Get the most out of your actions</em>

Blocking attack as reaction

Properly using of all your action types can be a great challenge and can really boost your party’s defence, damage output or battlefield control. Just as long as you know how to properly use them. During combat each creature on the battlefield gets one reaction per round and can use it when specific conditions are […]

PC idea: Aela Clearbranch <em>PC of the month (Ranger Beast Master)</em>

Wood Elf Ranger in forest

Aela Clearbranch is a middle aged Wood Elf. She has lived her whole life in a tribe deep in the woods of Aeltendar. There she has raised two beautiful and passionate sons. Her two children had recently left their tribe in search of their own adventures. To her tribe, Aela was an important addition. Thanks […]

The Mimic <em>Monster Manual Model of the Month</em>

Living mug of ale

Do you want to really surprise a new player with a classic D&D creature? Time to bring out a Mimic. These shapechanging monstrosities take on the form of whatever might lure a prey in close. They are most often portrayed as chest as those are always a relief for a player and their PC to […]

Magic Item Generator

Glowing sword

The party has finally defeated the evil that has taken over the tomb and his Goblin minions. “It better be worth it!” the Fighter grunts. They gather around the chest as the Rogue carefully opens it and finds… What do they find? Just some gold coins and another +1 weapon? Come on! Get creative with […]

D&D while travelling in a van

Horse-drawn wagon facing sunset

The way I see D&D is as an amazing game in which anyone can become a world saving hero, no matter your personal lifestyle or experiences. All you need is the rulebook and people to play with, either in person or online. I got into Dungeons and Dragons a couple of years back and had […]

Interesting battles 2: Active environment

Wizard above crack in environment

Dungeons&Dragons combat does not have to consist of rolling dice to hit until either the monsters or PC’s are dead. They can be so much more! In a previous blog I explained how to make it more interesting by playing the enemies smarter. But besides a balanced party and the enemies there is a third […]

Plot Hook Generator

Gnome reading out plot hook

You have your main quest laid out for your players, but you don’t want it to be the only thing they can do in this rich D&D world. Maybe they need some more EXP, more gold or just some light-hearted adventures before they continue on to defeat the great evil from destroying this world. So […]

PC idea: Fabian Miri Lockheard <em>PC of the month (Rogue Thief)</em>

Miri grew up on a farm where she had a good life, but she never felt complete. She never felt home in a girls body, especially when puberty kicked in. Although her family didn’t quite understand her situation they did support her when she told them she would head for the city for a sex-change. […]

The Owlbear <em>Monster Manual Model of the Month</em>

Owlbear attack Dungeons and Dragons

Among the earliest creations of Gary Gygax for D&D was the Owlbear. A monstrous combination of the body of a bear and head of an owl, filled to the brim with ferocity. It’s brute force and ill temper makes it a dangerous enemy for any opponent unlucky enough to cross it’s path. Strength and weaknesses […]

What is CR?

Enormous enemy

The CR in a D&D creatures stat block stands for Challenge Rating. Although it’s the perfect way to choose interesting enemies, the Challenge Rating is only a guideline. It’s an estimate of which level a balanced party of 4 players should be to be able to handle that single enemy. All based on it’s health, […]

Build types for an effective D&D party

DnD Party

There are many different options for cool characters by mixing classes, races and backgrounds. For an optimised Dungeons & Dragons party you would do well to consider the options and balance them off of each other. That way the group as a whole becomes stronger and each player has a chance to shine. These are […]

Random Encounter Generator

Goblin and Griffon

All the players need to do is roll up a Character Sheet and they are ready to play some Dungeons and Dragons. But as the Dungeon Master you are tasked with building a whole world and inhabiting it with creative stuff for your players to encounter. One way to create combat encounters is rolling for […]

PC idea: Luxian Ombraleaf <em>PC of the month (Shadow Monk/Light Cleric)</em>

Shadow Monk Light Cleric

Luxian Ombraleaf was born and raised in the Monastery of Twilight where Light Domain Clerics and Way of Shadows Monks are trained as a Ying and a Yang. Two opposing approaches that together create a better and balanced world. Once a Twilight acolyte has been trained they go out into the world to either bring […]

The Goblin <em>Monster Manual Model of the Month</em>


The most often used D&D creature from the Monster Manual is the Goblin. They are small, have a CR of only 1/4 (What is CR?) and live underground. But why are they so popular? An easy fit First off, they can fit nearly anywhere. They can be roadside bandits, hunting in the woods for meat […]

How to be a good Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master

Being a Dungeon Master is a highly respectable function. Where the players need only to roll up a character and work out the occasional level-up, the Dungeon Master has a full time job. They create and describe not only the world and everyone in it, but also how the PC’s fit into it all and […]

How to Multiclass in D&D


Although the separate classes in Dungeons and Dragons are rich enough to build countless characters around, sometimes your character concept goes beyond a single archetype. Luckily you always have the option to Multiclass. Combining the strengths (and weaknesses) of two or more classes into a single character. It can be amazing, but first you need […]

Book series for your next campaign

magic books

There are a lot of amazing fantasy books out there. Epic fantasies in sprawling lands where evil creatures hide around every corner, but heroes always emerge to save the day. These books can either be perfect if you don’t have enough (D&D) adventures in your life or as the source of inspiration for your world-building, […]

Build your own Dice Tray (free)

Dungeons & Dragons materials cost enough as it is. You need your books and dice, and it is more fun if you also have maps, mini’s, dice towers and all the other stuff you can think of. Those costs add up so why not create your own dice tray? – Download the file below (for […]

Make overland travel fun

Creatures in the forest

While most Dungeons & Dragons campaigns deal mostly with interesting locations (like dungeons) and with the monsters inside it (like dragons), the one element that every DM handles differently is how the adventurers get to those locations. There are a lot of ways you can handle overland travel in your D&D game and it is […]

Interesting battles 1: Smarter enemies

Mephit from the dark

A large part of D&D (and other TTRPG’s) is combat. Whether your group is tasked to kill monsters, they stumble into a den or a if they are set upon by bandits, the encounter will probably start with violence and end when the opponents are dead. Although this is massively entertaining, the repetitiveness might grow […]

Square maps vs Hexagon maps vs No maps

Ship battlemap

In D&D, and most other TTRPG’s, the DM’s pull out their maps when combat is about to start. These maps give everyone at the table a sense of the size of where they are, where the enemies are, possible hiding spots, any usable object and the exits. How they move through this space depends on […]

Quick explanation: What is Dungeons & Dragons (5e)?


D&D is a role-playing game in which you and some friends each play a character. It is set in a fantasy world in which heroes, magic and dragons exist. All you need to play, is some imagination, a special set of dice and a filled in character sheet (I’ll come back to this later). How […]

Learning D&D with podcasts

DnD podcasts

Interested in Dungeons & Dragons, but you don’t know how to get into it? One of the easiest ways is by listening to podcasts in which you hear them play and use the rules of D&D. The problem is, there a dozens of podcasts out there and not all of them are as good as […]

Why can’t I keep rolling my D&D skill check?

A question with a lot of confusion is why players can’t keep rolling their skill checks until they succeed. In my opinion there can be three reasons. You either ruin the opportunity, you only have time for one try or you believe it can’t be done. 1 – You get one chance You walk up […]

Harry Potter One shot 1 – Welcome to Hogwarts

HP creatures

What do you need to know about Harry Potter? Knowledge of the Harry Potter universe is not required, but does gives color to the world through references to known locations and characters. What do you need to know about Dungeons & Dragons? You or part of your group need a base understanding of the game […]

Harry Potter one shot 2 – The Sorting Hat

Harry Potter 2 - The Sorting Hat

In the first Harry Potter One-Shot the PC’s had quite the adventure. To get into Hogwarts they were invited to join an Application Camp in which they were tested as a team to show than you were the right fit. They had to outsmart a Troll, defeat a Unicorn with a mind-altering crystal and solve […]

Harry Potter one-shot 3 – The next Marauders

Harry Potter 3 - The next Marauders

First the PC’s earned their place in Hogwarts. Then in the second D&D one-shot the players arrive at school, only to find that the Sorting Hat was destroyed. As Honorary Prefects the PC’s jumped on the case. After finding clue after clue they solved the mystery and saved the day. That meant that finally they […]

Pokémon One shot

Pokemon battle

Introduction In this Dungeons & Dragons one shot adventure the players enter the world of “Pokémon”. In this future version of the Pokémon world, trainers are able to change into Pokémon themselves and fight to become the bests Druids of them all. What do you need to know about Pokémon? Some knowledge of the Pokémon […]

Making lycanthropy an actual curse

Werebear and moon

In books and movies turning into a werewolf is a horrible curse that changes people into savage beast without any control over their action. That makes it so strange that the lycanthropy curse in Dungeons & Dragons is almost worth seeking out. There are 5 type of lycanthropes, each of which gives the user a […]